The Sims (Interlude)


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This won’t be an actual part, I’d just like to post some (three, to be exact) challenges. Some you may know of, and some you may not. *WARNING: Links to Modthesims may contain language, death, extreme awesomeness, or any combination of the three.*

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The Sims (part one)


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Have you ever heard of The Sims franchise? You probably have. There in every store that does PC game’s and sometimes shops that has them and no other PC games. I have a almost full collection (Not pictured: Some Sims 2 games that are at my Nana’s house)


If you haven’t heard of The Sims, it’s a PC (and console, but not as good) simulation game where you control a household or even whole town of Sims, who are basically humans except less clever. You can be kind to your Sims and make them a mansion with in-game cheats, you can be cruel by making your Sims unhappy by “forgetting” to place bed and a toilet, actually all sorts.  They are challenges to do in-game that are user created (Mainly on modthesims challenges, Sims 3 forums and Carlssimsthreeguide’s forum)

bella goth all games

Above is a picture of a Sim in all of the games she appears in. As you may see from the Sims 3 picture, Sims can be all different ages. Sims are born as a baby, then they become a toddler, then a child, then a teen,, then a young adult, then a adult, and then a elder, and then death.

Vampire ghost grin reaper

Yes, death. Sims can die in lots of ways other than old age too. For example, the poor Sim above was a vampire (Supernatural or Late Night) that had starved to death due to lack of plasma (what blood is called in Sims) to drink. This lead to sadistic players walling in Sims teen or above with nothing in it so Sims would starve to death. But one of the big features I have not done is…

(No picture, sorry! It would be hard to find one.)

The mods! Mods are game modifications made by users. Not everyone has one, due to the fact nothings majorly broken in-game or they don’t want the features none-fix mods have, but the AMOUNT of mods are just astounding. Remember I told you Modthesims challenges obviously has challenges, going off the challenges and out of community you will find mods. Thousands of them. They are mods for anything from children having more interactions with toddlers to adult mods for adults only (which will probably make you say what. I know there there because every game has adult mods.) go  here for anymore questions, next time I talk about why I love Sims and my Sims experience.


Sim Kid

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Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Hello, and welcome to my blog. From trouble with schools to Sims stuff and Minecraft stuff to my week in a nutshell and more. First I am just going to introduce myself.


I am a nine year old. I have Autism. My mums friend runs Chewigem (Facebook page link) and Gumigem and my mum helps out. I am home schooled but I have been to two non-home schools. I like Sims, Minecraft and writing things and Sims- wait I already said Sims. In my family there is Mum, Dad, my brother Joe and my dog Roxy. In the picture above I am holding her.

My blog posts will normally have a section called Question Time! in which I will answer any questions.

See ya next time!