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This won’t be an actual part, I’d just like to post some (three, to be exact) challenges. Some you may know of, and some you may not. *WARNING: Links to Modthesims may contain language, death, extreme awesomeness, or any combination of the three.*

So, first, the Legacy Challenge. A 10 generations long challenge created by Pinstar, where you start with nothing and end with… something, I guess;

The Sims 3: Right here.

The Sims 2: Here is the normal one, and here is a more complicated one.

Next,  Test of Time Challenge. The only one on this list not written (originally) by Pinstar, you start with five tribal couples and evolve into the modern age.

Sims 2: Click right here.

Sims 3: Sure.

Finally, the Apocalypse Challenge. This one is also written by Pinstar, and is extremely complicated.

Sims 3: Why wouldn’t they be?

Sims 2: ‘Course.

Have any of you guys attempted a Sims challenge? Comment below (even if your not done or you failed).