Hello, and welcome back to my blog! It’s been a long time, and this post will probably take a while. The subject: Sims Four! I’ll try to do a read more thing, let’s see how it goes.First of all, a lot of things have been happening since we left off. Like…

(Sorry for the tiny picture, it looks horrible if I make it any bigger)

If you are a The Sims fan (or even have a slight interest in The Sims or EA/Maxis in general), you probably know this already. If you are not, I don’t know why you are here.

Oh, shout out to EA and Maxis for making these amazing games. I forgot that last time.

But yeah, The Sims 4.

But here are some more facts about The Sims 4.

They are no toddlers. Get that? Toddlers in The Sims 4. See? They are not in the game, so don’t ask. Neither are pools. Luckily, this prevents glitches like this.

Does that mean it's not actually gone. OH CRUD!

This is caused by sims (not just toddlers) trying to do an interaction that’s not in their age group, or even speicies (it happens to pets).


This is caused by bad custom content. Research before you download, kids.

This is caused by bad custom content. Research before you download, kids.

Or (if you want to go back to the best The Sims game in my opinion, The Sims Two) even THIS?

This is just a graphical error, nothing bad happened.

This is just a graphical error, nothing bad happened.

However, we GET MORE STUFF! For once, we can move around through neighbourhoods. WITHOUT MODS. I know there’s mods to do it.

Create a Sim (CAS) is amazing. We got a demo a few days ago, and here’s one picture (not mine, non of these pictures are mine) of it.

Wait, no Create A Style? Well, at least everything isn't SHINY

You can download it in St, errr, Orgin. If you have an account, like The Sims, and don’t have this already, then go get it. It’s amazing.

Got it?


Before we talk about smarter sims, my account is BITFGIRL, if you want to download my creations in the game demo and make them better or something. Sim placement, go! But that’s too long to fit in a Pokémon nickname

Sims are much smarter. We don’t quite know all the details (cmon, EA, tell us more), but if the marketing is true they are. I don’t know if this is scrapped or if it even existed at all, but people were saying sims would follow paths. Sims can multitask. Sims have emotions for the first time (other than happy/sad). This post is getting long enough.

So just one more thing.

How do you feel about me doing a sims blog?

I’ll answer any questions about this game in the comments, so turrah. Also go check out The Sims youtube channel, they have The Sims 4 trailers there.