About This Blog

Hello, and welcome to my blog. This is about everything (no, really), but mostly me. Of course, you probably don’t know about me. If so, hi! I’m a 10 year old (currently) girl and I live in the North-West of England. Obviously my name is Jamie. I also have high functioning autism. In my family they is my mom, my dad, my little brother Joe, Roxy Doodle Doo (the dog), and Gecks (the leopard gecko). I really like Minecraft, The Sims, and videogames in general. My mummy works at home for like one million home buisnesses (Chewigem, Gumigem, Kiddiclinic though that’s actually a website…), and my daddy is a policeman. Also GREEN IS THE BEST COLOR (Or, at least, my favourite color). Also I hate bright yellow. Bright yellow is evil.10009483_10152203099902954_1643782316_n


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